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Today most of us are craving for more monetary gains and it is essential to evoke the blessings of Maa Mahalaxmiji, the Goddess of Wealth and  it would also be imperative to also pray and acknowledge the presence of Lord Kuber.

Lord Kuber is the Lord of Wealth, the “Treasurer” of all Gods and Goddesses and He is  also addressed as “Devtaon ke Koshadasksh” and “Dhanadipati”. It is believed that when Lord Kuber Devta ji is pleased, He showers His blessings on the Devotee and this comes in the shape of growth in business, career and profession. Lord Kuber Devta ji  also opens up new avenues and opportunities leading to more sources of income and Lord Kuber Devta ji helps in removing the existing hindrances and speeds up the growth  to ‘Prosperity’ and ‘Wealth’.


Placement of Lord Kuber Devta ji Vedic Yantra & Shubh Labh Symbol

  • Install the Lord Kuber Vedic Yantra and Shubh Labh Symbol in your cash drawer, vault,  locker.
  • The locker / cash  drawer  should open towards North direction. Paint the inside of the cash drawer / vault in yellow shade.
  • Always maintain some reasonable amount of cash & valuables in your locker / cash  drawer.


Recite the Mantra dedicated to Lord Kuber Devta ji

Om  Shreem Om Hreem Shreem Hreem

Kleem Viteshwaraya  Namah.

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