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Swastik represents the power of the Supreme Being that removes obstacles and ensures success in all projects and endeavors.

Swastik is the symbol of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is first worshiped before every auspicious begining, be it laying of the foundation of a house, or opening of a work-place or beginning any other work for success, prosperity and in-order to safeguard from negative forces.

Riddhi and Siddhi are wives of Lord Ganesha. Riddhi means fortune and Siddhi means prosperity. Lord Ganesha is also worshipped for “Siddhi” – success in undertakings and “Buddhi”- intelligence, wisdom.

Shubh and Labh are sons of Lord Ganesha. Shubh means goodness and Labh means benefit. It is essential to install a symbol of Lord Ganeshji Pariwar i.e. Swastik (Symbol Lord Ganesha) with Riddhi – Siddhi (two lines on either side of the Swastik) and Shubh Labh inscribed for all round prosperity, fortune, success and protection.

Lord Ganesha has many names. The main ones are Ganapati, Vighneshwara (controller of all obstacles), Vinayaka (the prominent leader), Gajaanana (elephant-faced), Lambodara (pendant-bellied) and Ekdanta (having one tusk).

Placements recommended for installation of the auspicious Symbols


Entrance Main Doors

Install the auspicious Symbols above the Main door the center of the door frame, inside & outside (back to back) for protection from negative energies and also to energize the entrances so that Positive Energies flow into your property.
As per Vastushastra if the main door is not ideally positioned, the installation of Auspicious Symbols would help to neutralize the ill-effects and negativity.

Cabin Doors, Room Doors, Store Room Doors etc.

Install the auspicious Symbols above the Main door and Cabin Door etc. in the center of the door frame, inside & outside (back to back). Install the symbol on either side i.e. from Inside & Outside to create positive vibes and to protect from negativity caused due to ill positioned doors or anticlockwise swing.

Vaults, Cash Drawers, Cabinets, Cupboards containing Important Documents

At an ideal and strategic position, Install an auspicious Symbol on the front of the Locker, Cabinet, Cupboard / Drawer which contains important documents in-order to safe-guard the contents and activate the zones so that there is stability of finances, enhanced sales and improved business.

Machines, Computers, Monitors, Equipments

Install an auspicious Symbol on the front panels of each productive machine, equipment, laboratory equipment, weighing machine panel, computer screen etc for protection and in-order to achieve better output, improving production and generate better business.

Important Document Files, Collection Books, Sales Register etc

Install an auspicious Symbol on the front cover of all important files, collection books, sales register, receipt books for growth, prosperity, success and profitability in all projects.