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As we have seen earlier in this blog, the science behind Vastushastra heavily relies on the natural elements around us. Those elements are:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Space

These five elements are called as Panchbhootas. In earlier times, life for people was very simple and these five elements were the only known sources of energy, essential for the survival of life. Hence, Vastushastra derives much of it’s knowledge by studying these five elements and how it affects our daily lives.


In this multi-part blog series, we are going to explore each of these five elements and see how it affects us and what we must do to properly harvest it’s energy for our benefit.

The first element we will see is Earth or Prithvi. We stay on this planet and hence this world has a lot to give to us. Right from the minerals inside the soil, to the plants that grow from it, the animals that eat these plants and survive and consequently these animals giving us our food and various other resources for our survival, it can all be traced back to the ground under our feet.

In Vastu, it is considered extremely important to study the soil of the ground before making a purchase of the land. Since that soil is going to be the most basic foundation of the future construction, it is very important to not just study the soil but also the size, shape, location, direction etc. as they would all eventually start paying an important role when the construction is completed.

The Earth is also a source for another very important form of energy that it holds, the magnetic pull and gravity. It is believed that our body too contains iron and it’s forms and hence is affected by the Earth’s magnetic properties. It is hence widely suggested to sleep with our heads facing the south direction in order to help align our bodies with it’s magnetic pull.

Another reason why Earth is an important element is because it is the only element that can be experience by all our five sensory organs; touch, smell, sight, sound and taste. Since it has a wider appeal to our body, it plays a far more significant role on us and hence becomes more essential to correctly understand and harvest.

In our next blog we shall talk about the next element on the list, water.

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