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In our first blog in this multi-part series, we introduced you to Earth, the first element of Vastushastra. In this blog, we will talk about the second element, Water.

Water is present on Earth in various forms. In oceans and rivers, snow on mountains, trapped within the soil or as vapour in the clouds. Water is essential for life, the very first life forms on Earth were believed to have lived in water. Without water, life cannot survive.



Because water is so important, it is important in Vastu to use it effectively. Vastushastra suggests ways in which water can be stored hygienically without being wasted. The North-East direction is the direction for water.

Tips for water and North-East:

  • Water tanks and swimming pools must be in the North-East direction
  • No large equipment or construction must take place in this direction

Since water is a free-flowing element, the North-East direction must be kept free of any hurdles or obstructions. Imbalance of the water element can lead to bad health and illness. It is important to ensure that clean water and sewage water are kept in different locations in order to ensure good health and hygiene.

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