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Our multi-part blog series continues. This time we have a look at the third element of Vastu, Fire.

The sun is our source of energy. Along with the other elements, it is equally responsible for life on our planet. It provides heat, light and essential vitamins to boost our growth and nurture our health. The source of all these things from the sun is through fire. Fire (Agni) represents any form of energy. Be it electric, volcanic, solar, heat etc.
Fire is a very crucial but highly unstable and dangerous element. Harnessing it’s power correctly can give us good benefits but misusing this power can be disastrous. Hence, all sources of fire and energy must be respected and utilised in a respectful manner in order to not cause an imbalance. In Vastushastra, the south-east corner is often considered the corner for fire. All electrical gadgets, and sources of kitchen fire must be kept in the south-east corner.



Tips for fire and South-East:

  • Fireplaces, stoves and other large electrical appliances must be kept in the south-east direction.
  • The North-East corner of the house must not be blocked, useful and healthy rays from the sun comes from this corner.
  • Late afternoon and evening sun rays carry harmful infrared rays. Tall trees placed in the south corner can avoid these rays

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