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In continuation to our multi-part series where we talk about the significance of each direction, we shall now see the significance of each direction and the role it plays. This would help us better understand Vastu Shastra and why certain changes are recommended.

North (Uttar Disha)


The North direction is one of the most prosperous directions in Vastu Shastra. This direction is owed and administered by Lord Kuber, the treasurer of the gods. Pleasing him and hence ensuring that this direction is well served would lead to financial prosperity.

Items to be installed in this direction –

Mirrors are auspicious here since it is supposed to help double your wealth.
Cash boxes, safes, tijoris are also supposed to be installed in this direction.
Slope, well or underground water tank should also be installed in this direction within a property.

Other Recommendations –

North is also a source for positive energy. One must always try to face north as much as possible. This is especially true whilst taking business decisions or during family discussions.

Rooms recommended in the north –

For residences, the living room should ideally be present in the north part of the house.

North West (Vayu Disha)

The North West corner is ruled by Lord Vayu, the god winds. This direction is also associated with Lord Hanuman, the god of strength. This corner is often associated with new opportunities as the wind brings in a lot of external elements that can possible change our lives and bring it on the right path. However, misuse or wrong use of this corner can also take one off the right path and onto the wrong path in life and lead them into a state of confusion.


Tall structures must not be present in this corner of the plot

The direction also fosters friendship and co-operation. Hence board rooms and discussion areas should be in this direction in an office environment.

Rooms recommended in the North West –

Board rooms and discussion rooms in offices

Unmarried girls should also try to sleep in the room in this direction since the energy of the wind helps alter their life and finds them a life-partner

In our next blog we shall discuss West and South West zones.
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