Amethyst Crystal Tumbles
Amethyst Crystal Tumbles
Amethyst Crystal Tumbles
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Product Specifications

Item Weight
100 grams
Item Part Number SKU
Primary Material
Amethyst Crystal
Item Shape
Tumble Stones
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Amethyst Crystal Tumbles

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Violet and purple stones help to rebalance extremes within the systems of the body, so they can be of use when you are not sure of the nature of a problem. Amethyst is perhaps the most useful all purpose healing crystal. Amethyst is a good stone to use with meditation as it quietens the mind and allows finer perceptions to become clear. It can enhance intuition and psychic powers of all kinds. It helps one to overcome addictions and blockages. It acts as a shield and attracts positive energy and helps to get rid of negative emotions. It encourages clarity of mind and self control.

This crystal has strong powers to rid your home of negative energies or influences. It is excellent for emotional balance and aids in receiving and interpreting Divine guidance. It strengths the immune system and metabolism. This stone is associated with the third eye chakra.

Mystical Benefits

  • For Divine protection, God’s blessings and positive vibrations
  • For love, harmony and better relationship.
  • Crystals for positivity and 7 Chakra balancing.
  • Rectifies the energy imbalances

Installation Procedure

  • Spray the Holy Ganga Jal on the Crystals and on Yourself.
  • Recite your Prayers and Positive Affirmation.
  • Place the Amethyst under your pillow or on your bedside table.
  • You can carry it in your pocket or purse.