Vastu Is Powerful

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Hindu Vedic Science, which takes a holistic approach to design and create a layout of a factory, office and home which is in harmony with nature, the cosmic forces and the universe.

Don’t just look at your office, factory and home as just a structure of bricks, cement and ply-board. Your environment is throbbing with life. There is the solar energy, the movement of the planets, the magnetic fields of the earth, gravity, the influence of the five essential elements of nature (i.e water (‘jal’), fire (‘agni’), earth (‘prithvi’), sky (‘akash’), wind (‘vayu), geopathic stress, the global fields, the cosmic energy, the colours and pictures on the wall etc. all of which are all affecting your mind, body, life and business.

All that we have and all that we do is governed by three factors

Once all the three factors are perfectly balanced and with God’s Grace our life would be wonderful, but, even if there is certain deficiency in any of the factors our progress is affected. We cannot change the planetary positions but, we can improve our Karmas and also energize and activate the office, factory and home so that the forces of nature work in harmony with us instead of opposing us.

By modifying and rectifying your properties as per Vastushastra, it would enhance the smooth in-flow of ‘prana’ (energy) resulting in an internal atmosphere of harmony, prosperity, peace and good health.

In Vastu Shastra, every aspect is carefully inspected, starting with the dimensions of the plot, slopes, allocation of rooms, cash box / cash counter, kitchen, toilets, temple, colour-schemes etc. which have deep significance and impact.