Green Aventurine Crystal Tumbles
Green Aventurine Crystal Tumbles
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Product Specifications

Medium Green
Item Weight
100 grams
Item Part Number SKU
Primary Material
Green Aventurine Crystal
Item Shape
Tumble Stones
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Green Aventurine Crystal Tumbles

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Green Aventurine is also known as the stone of Opportunity / stone of Abundance. It is the stone of prosperity. It increases Intelligence, perception & Creativity •It calms anger and irritations.

This stone is connected to the Heart Chakra. It is said to be the luckiest crystal in the world. Wearing this Green Aventurine boosts the immune system. It helps in making one emotionally balanced and eases stress. Can be used for Reiki healing, Aura cleansing, Vastu correction Feng Shui, crystal healing.. Use Green Aventurine crystal in your home or office for increased abundance, prosperity, wealth and opportunities.

Mystical Benefits

  • For Divine protection, God’s blessings and positive vibrations
  • For love, harmony and better relationship.
  • Crystal for positivity and Chakra balancing.
  • Rectifies the energy imbalances

Installation Procedure

  • Spray the Holy Ganga Jal on the Crystals and on Yourself.
  • Recite your Prayers and Positive Affirmation.
  • Can be placed on top of or near interview notes, projects, currenty etc. to increase luck and opportunities.
  • Placing it in your bedroom or under your pillow can be excellent for reducing stress and promoting sleep