Om Symbol
Om Symbol
Om Symbol
Om Symbol
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Product Specifications

Orange & Green with A. Gold Plating
Item Dimensions
4.5 cm. Diameter
Item Weight
20 grams
Item Part Number SKU
Primary Material
Embossed Alloy Metal
Number of Pieces
Item Shape
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Om Symbol

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  • All that was, All that is and All that will be is “Aum (Om)”. Aum (Om) is the key which can open the door to the Infinite. Aum (Om) has over a hundred meanings. Welcoming to the Gods is one of them. Our faith and religion considers the syllable “Aum (Om)” to be the pure sound of Creation, everything manifest comes from Primordial Vibration, which is symbolized by “Aum (Om)”. All material objects, all living beings, all languages, all spiritual teachings, all scriptures, the Vedas and everything has originated from the Primordial Vibration, which is represented by Aum (Om). Repetition of the syllable Aum (Om) as a mantra and meditation on the Aum (Om) symbol are powerful methods of awakening and balancing spiritual centres in the individual. They are considered to be preeminent ways of realizing the Divine.
  • 4.5 cm Diameter
  • This Symbol are made in exclusive design, superb finish and gives a very beautiful look.

Mystical Benefits

  • Religion Symbols are a protective shield and helps to safeguard you and your premises from negativity, Vastu doshas and energy imbalances.
  • The Religion Symbols helps you in carrying your prayers to God and Goddesses.
  • The Religion Symbols attract beneficial powers of God which help to achieve peace, happiness, prosperity and good vibes.
  • Rectifies the energy imbalances.
  • Optimizes your chances to gain joy, progress and overall bliss.
  • Ideal for all Homes, Workplaces & Factories.

Installation Procedure

  • Install the Symbol above the Main Door Frame (Inside and Outside).
  • Wash your hands and Fix it with a double side adhesive tape or a strong adhesive.
  • You may also install the Symbol on the wall where there is a Vastu Dosha (but do not install on a toilet common wall).
  • Install it in your home, office and work-place.

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