Power Grid Stick (Aluminum)
Power Grid Stick (Aluminum)
Power Grid Stick (Aluminum)
Power Grid Stick (Aluminum)
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Product Specifications

Item Dimensions
Length 45 cm. Height 3 cm. Width 3 cm.
Item Weight
1120 grams
Item Part Number SKU
Primary Material
Aluminum Pipe Filled with Minerals
Number of Pieces
Item Shape
Round Pipe
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Power Grid Stick (Aluminum)

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Effective Energizer for all Properties. Aluminum Stick filled with Natural Minerals, Panchdhatu etc. Install it (I) above Main Door Frame and (ii) behind bed headboard (iii) on the wall (on the missing corner zone)

Helps to Energize the Property and Creates a Positive Energy. Ideal for Vastu Doshas (Flaws) Correction.

Mystical Benefits

  • For Divine protection, God’s blessings and positive vibrations
  • Energizes the environment
  • Neutralizes the Vastu Doshas
  • Rectifies the energy imbalances
  • Optimizes your chances to gain joy, progress and overall bliss
  • Ideal for all Homes, Workplaces & Factories

Installation Procedure

  • If the Door is not well positioned as per Vastushastra, then install the Power Grid Stick above the Main Door Frame.
  • If the Room is having a ‘Missing Corner’, then install the Power Grid on the Missing Corner / Cut Corner Wall. Install at above 8 feet level.
  • For better and comfortable sleep and incase the bed is not perfectly aligned as per Vastushastra, then place the Power Grid Stick between the Bed Head Board and Mattress OR Fix the Power Grid Stick behind the Bed Back (Fix on the Bed Back or Embed it into the Wall). Fix at about 24 inches level.
  • Wash your hands and start with a clear and positive mind frame.
  • Spray the Holy Ganga Jal on the Vastu Remedy Products.
  • Recite the Mantras, read the prayer and install the product as per the text mentioned in the e-Catalog.